Textile and Tex-Stretch: Simplicity and Efficiency for Your Photo Sessions

At Colors & Drops, we understand the importance of having high-quality and easy-to-maintain photo backgrounds, especially when it comes to capturing moments as special as pregnancy and the first days of a newborn. That's why our Textile and Tex-Stretch are specially designed to make your life easier. Machine washable in cold water, they are perfect for frequent use and require minimal maintenance. After washing, simply hang them carefully on a hanger or shelf, keeping them ready for your next photo session. For Textile, a light steaming with a steamer is enough to remove wrinkles and ensure a perfect backdrop for your shots. As for Tex-Stretch, its exceptional quality allows for a flawless result once stretched, without wrinkles, ensuring that you always have backgrounds ready for use and images of impeccable quality.

Vinyl, Mat Floor, and Rubber Mat: Easy Cleaning for Impeccable Results

For photographers specializing in pregnancy and newborn photography, the ease of cleaning and storing photo backgrounds is essential. Vinyl and Mat Floor, with their smooth and resistant surfaces, can be cleaned in an instant. A simple damp sponge is enough to remove marks and stains, allowing you to maintain a clean working environment very easily. After cleaning, they can be rolled up and secured with a loose Velcro strap and stored vertically, optimizing storage space and preserving their shape and quality.

As for the Rubber Mat, its surface is just as easy to maintain with a damp cloth. Its storage method is similar to that of Vinyl and Mat Floor, ensuring space-saving and efficient organization of your workspace. At Colors & Drops, we are proud to offer solutions that not only enhance your photographs but also make your daily life easier and more enjoyable.