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Textil: The Preferred Choice for Newborn, Child, and Maternity Photography

Discover our Textil backdrop, essential for enhancing your newborn, child, and maternity photography sessions. Made of premium polyester, it guarantees a total absence of reflections, crucial for minimizing post-processing. Its lightness and flexibility allow you to quickly transform any space into an ideal photo studio.

Easy Maintenance and Practicality: Maximize Your Time
After the session, storing our backdrop is as easy as deploying it. Compact, easy to fold or roll, it optimizes transport and storage. Wrinkles? A quick pass with a handheld steamer is enough to eliminate them. Easily washable in the machine with cold water or by hand, it is ready for its next use without delay. Perfect for meeting all your professional backdrop needs, our Textil is designed to stimulate your creativity and efficiency.

Expert Advice: Protect Its Quality
For maximum durability, we recommend avoiding placing it directly on the floor without adequate protection, like a non-slip mat.

🔥 Strong Points

  • - No reflections
  • - Quick de-wrinkling
  • - Vibrant colors
  • - Machine washable
  • - Quality textile
  • - Lightweight, easy to install
  • - Can be used on the floor with a non-slip mat

⚠️ Weak Points

  • - Requires de-wrinkling

📏 Available Dimensions

From 150x200 cm to 300x500 cm.

💦 Maintenance

Cold wash in the machine or by hand.

💾 Storage

Rolled around a tube, folded or on a hanger