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Rubber Mat: Innovation at the Service of Children and Newborn Photo Sessions

Discover the Rubber Mat, a revolutionary solution that combines the softness of textile with the anti-reflective efficiency of vinyl, specially designed for photography with young children. This unique mat combines a matte textile surface, similar to carpet, with a rubber base, offering a multitude of advantages for your photo sessions.

Increased Safety and Comfort for the Little Ones
With its non-slip surface, the Rubber Mat is the ideal ally to prevent slips and falls, thus ensuring the safety of babies in full exploration. Its absence of wrinkles guarantees perfect uniformity, essential for high-quality professional photos.

Light and Convenient: Unmatched Flexibility
Lighter and thinner than the traditional Mat Floor, the Rubber Mat is incomparably easy to install and store, even in the most limited spaces. Its durability makes it a lasting companion for all your photographic adventures.

Incomparable Visual Rendering
Thanks to its matte finish and smooth texture, the Rubber Mat ensures a realistic and reflection-free rendering, ideal for capturing the authenticity of every moment. Its softness and insulation against the cold provide optimal comfort for the delicate skin of little ones, contributing to their well-being throughout the session. In summary, choosing the Rubber Mat means opting for safety, comfort, practicality, and excellence in child and newborn photography. A must-have for professionals seeking flawless results and a safe, enjoyable photo session experience for their young models.

🔥 Strong Points

  • - Completely matte and reflection-free
  • - Lightweight and very easy to install.
  • - Can be stored upright or horizontally, the choice is yours.
  • - Fits perfectly to the floor and does not slip.
  • - Its rendering is ultra realistic
  • - Offers great comfort by insulating children and little feet from the cold.

⚠️ Weak Points

  • - Not recommended for Smash Cake and bath or milk bath sessions without protection.

📏 Available Dimensions

From 100x135 cm to 250x300 cm

💦 Maintenance

With a vacuum cleaner or a water vacuum.

💾 Storage

Rolled, stored vertically or horizontally