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Mat Floor: Immersion and Authenticity for Your Photos

Looking for a hyper-realistic setting? The Mat Floor, with its innovative PVC design, is the key to photo sessions brimming with realism. Its unique, slightly grainy texture adds unparalleled dimension and style to each session, captivating those looking to add a touch of authenticity to their photos.

Durability and Safety: A Lasting Investment
The Mat Floor stands out not only for its striking visual aspect but also for its superior functionality. Its thick composition ensures a non-slip base, offering safety and comfort for all types of sessions. Nearly indestructible, it promises to accompany you through your photographic projects.

Versatility and Easy Maintenance: The Ideal Companion for Any Photographer
Ideal as a floor to energize your settings, the Mat Floor can also serve as a backdrop, despite slight shininess under certain lighting. Its maintenance? A breeze. A quick clean with water and soap is enough to refresh it, ready for new creative adventures.

Tip for Perfect Harmony
For those wishing to unify the aesthetic of their workspace with a matching backdrop/floor combo, simultaneous ordering of the Mat Floor for both uses is highly recommended. This ensures visual coherence and identical colorimetry, essential for a harmonious final rendering. Make the Mat Floor the ally of your photographic sessions, and immerse your subjects in a world where every detail counts.

🔥 Strong Points

  • - Washable (ideal for Smash the Cake & Bath sessions)
  • - Very robust (it can be constantly installed in your studio)
  • - Wrinkle-resistant
  • - Matte
  • - Very realistic, it really looks like wood during the shoot

⚠️ Weak Points

  • - Robust therefore quite heavy
  • - May have slight reflections on dark tones if flash orientation is not well managed

📏 Available Dimensions

From 150x200 cm to 225x300 cm

💦 Maintenance

With a microfiber cloth or a sponge, water, and soap.

💾 Storage

Rolled up inversely, with a velcro strap without tightening. Stored vertically