Colors&Drops is a big family that shares the same values such as kindness, determination, and enthusiasm. Since my first photographic adventure in 2009, I knew my path would be paved with creativity and innovation. Launching Colors&Drops in 2015, I was not just looking to create an e-commerce; I wanted to revolutionize the creative space for professional photographers. It became much more than a success – a true revelation. My passion? To inspire and support each photographer in forging a unique identity through our backdrops. Each "COLOR" is an invitation to explore, create, dream. Surrounded by an incredibly positive and inventive team, I continue the adventure of Colors&Drops, always listening and evolving, serving our vibrant community of photographers.
Our Team
At Colors&Drops, we share more than a passion for photography; we cultivate a true family of enthusiasts dedicated to capturing the beauty of fleeting moments. Each backdrop we create is designed to tell a story, whether it's the tenderness of the first days, the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child, or the spontaneity of childhood. Our mission? To accompany you in creating unforgettable memories, with all our experience, professionalism, and most importantly, authenticity. We understand the importance of each photo session, seeing in each shot an opportunity to immortalize love and tenderness. That's why our range of creative photo backdrops is designed to offer you a perfect canvas, allowing your talent to shine and your clients to feel fully confident and live a unique experience. Our commitment to quality and innovation is unwavering, as we firmly believe that beauty lies in the details. Joining Colors&Drops means choosing to be part of an adventure where every moment is a celebration of life. We are here to support you, share our expertise, and help you transcend the boundaries of creativity. Together, let's make each session a magical moment, where your artistic vision meets our passion for beautifying life stories.

Passionate about photography forever, a vocation born with my first daughter. Specializing in maternal moments in Vaucluse and Bouches Du Rhône since 2014, I capture the tenderness of the first moments. Mother of Meïly and Lissya, they inspire my daily quest for beauty and authenticity. Between two sessions, I search for the perfect accessory or backdrop, making each photo unique. Each newborn face tells an emotional story, a moment frozen in time.

I am Delphine Léger, a photographer passionate about capturing the precious moments of life from maternity to toddlers. My story as a photographer specialized in newborn and baby began 12 years ago when my own experience as a parent opened my eyes to the ephemeral beauty of these first moments of life. Every smile, every curious glance, every innocent gesture is a treasure to cherish forever. It's this deep conviction that guides my lens: to capture the tenderness, innocence, and purity of each baby that comes before my camera. Each photo session is a celebration of new life, designed with particular attention to detail, light, pose, and ambiance, to capture timeless images that tell a story.
Hello, Aurélie here, anchored in Tonnay-Charente. My path, enriched by training and experiences, focuses on the precious moments of life. My Disney-inspired studio reflects my joyful personality. Awarded over 80 international prizes since 2015, my passion for photography is recognized. In 2020, I became Europe's first CARTOON DESIGNER, blending photography and Disney magic. Yellow, symbolizing warmth and joy, guides my artistic vision.

Photography, becoming essential in my adolescence, took on profound meaning in 2013. A BEP in photography and family support directed me towards weddings and portraits, with a desire to capture authenticity. A personal loss sharpened my sensitivity, each photo aiming to preserve precious memories. I mix color and spontaneity, seeking to illuminate dark moments with light and joy, in every shot.

I'm Céline, mother of Louca and Sasha, my main inspiration. My journey to photography, though not linear, was defined by capturing the life moments of my sons. What started as a hobby became my calling, a chance to document life. Embracing this passion, I'm ready to share my art. Every day is a creative adventure, proving that following one's passion is a noble fight.

Photography imposed itself on me, a precious legacy from my father in the form of an old film camera. In 2010, my dream took shape, I opened my studio. Every emotion I capture is a shared happiness gift. Beyond photography, my life is a quest for authentic moments. Whether on a trip with my van on beaches or rides on my vintage moped, I'm always looking to capture the essence of the moment.
Michaëlle, small in stature but big in passion, I navigate between my Breton and Alsatian roots. Photographer, I live to the rhythm of post-production, surrounded by tea and chocolate. My studio is a cabinet of curiosities, each object contributing to telling stories through my images. This creative quest is incessant, every detail playing a role in creating perfect scenes, immortalizing unique moments.
Céline Lacroix
In 2017, I embraced my passion for photography, focusing on maternity and family. Guided by a quest for meaning, I strive to capture the joy and serenity of intimate moments. Family, for me, is the heart of life, an inexhaustible source of inspiration. My goal is to immortalize these fleeting moments, from the round belly to the first days of life, with an attentive eye and an open heart.
My life pivoted towards maternity photography with the birth of my daughter in 2011. Inspired by Anne Geddes, meeting my maternity photographer was decisive. My studio north of Tours is a creativity place, where every woman and newborn are celebrated. Collaborating with beauty professionals, I am committed to creating memorable experiences, with the ambition to sublimate every maternal stage.

FAVORITE EQUIPMENT: my posing table
The Team
Marie Auriac
Deeply involved in e-commerce for 13 years, I am passionate about the constant evolution of this sector. My role? To be a facilitator, bringing positivity and dynamism. I tackle challenges, seeking creative solutions for our clients, team, and partners. My integration into Colors&Drops marks a professional turning point, where I strive to make a constructive contribution to the evolution of Colors&Drops.

I am David, passionate about web development and a craftsman of code. My journey began in an agency, where I refined my skills before becoming independent in 2011. A specialist in PHP, I particularly enjoy Prestashop, Laravel, and Shopify. These platforms accompany me in creating custom web solutions. My commitment? To turn the ideas of Colors&Drops into digital realities, marrying aesthetics and functionality.