🎉 Welcome to the Colors&Drops Loyalty Program 

Why Benefit from Our Loyalty Program? 🌟

At Colors&Drops, we value every moment of your creative journey with us. That's why we've automatically enrolled every customer in our Loyalty Program: to reward your commitment and fuel your passion for photography 📸. With this program, your loyalty translates into real benefits, enriching your experience and supporting your creative work.
There's no need to sign up or follow complicated steps; from your first order, you start enjoying the benefits and accumulating rewards, propelling your creativity and your collection of backdrops to new possibilities.

Your Exclusive Benefits 🎁

Our Loyalty Program is designed to resonate with your aspirations and professional needs. Every order you place with Colors&Drops brings you value and advantages:

- Accumulate and Save 💰 : For each purchase, accumulate 2% of its value in your personal savings, reducing the cost of your future orders and allowing you to explore our vast collection of backdrops even more.

- Flexibility and Freedom 🕊 : Use your accumulated points at any time to generate a voucher directly from your customer space, simplifying your process and giving you the freedom to choose when and how to benefit from your rewards.

How Does It Work?

Our program is transparent and designed to enrich your experience with Colors&Drops:

- Earning Points 💯 : After each order is delivered, 2% of your purchase is credited to your savings.

- Transparent Management: Check and manage your balance directly from the 'Rewards' section of your customer account, where a full detail of your earnings is always up to date.

- Flexibility of Use 🔄 : Convert your points into vouchers whenever you want, with a simplified process accessible from your customer space.

- Terms of Use: Vouchers are usable immediately and valid for 90 days. They are compatible with ongoing promotions, offering you the best possible value.

Please note that canceled orders result in the loss of the corresponding points, and points are not cumulative on promotional products.

Join Our Community with No Extra Effort 🌟

As an automatic member of our Colors&Drops Loyalty Program, you are an integral part of the community of creative and passionate photographers. There is no sign-up process - you enjoy all the benefits directly and effortlessly from your first order. At Colors&Drops, our team is committed to providing quality, inspiration, and support at every step of your creative journey.

Discover ease, creativity, and inspiration at the heart of our commitment to you, with no extra steps. ✨