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At Colors&Drops we know photographers' needs can change significantly depending on various parameters. We find important to offer you a wide range of solutions, always close to your moment’s desires…

Because each photographer is unique, we work with a wide range of different materials such as vinyl, textile, tex-stretch, or the mats. Below you will find all our use and care instructions.


⭐ The Vinyl, a floor both flexible and sturdy

Entirely made of PVC, vinyl is without a doubt the ideal floor for your photo shoots. This extra versatile material is smooth, soft, strong and sustainable. Easy to care for, it only takes a little water and soap to wash its surface!

Note that vinyl can also be used as a backdrop during a shooting, but there is a risk of gloss effect, depending on the lighting used by the photographer. Besides, to avoid wrinkles, take the time to store your vinyl well wound, and always upright.

In case you would like to use two identical visuals, we suggest ordering the backdrop and the floor together and in the same material. This will allow to keep the exact same colorimetry when printing.


⭐ The Textile, a quick installation backdrop

Made of polyester, the textile clearly represents the ideal backdrop for a photo shoot. The advantage of this material is that it provides no reflections. On the other hand, it is known for its lightweight and its malleability, making it easy to install!

Once the session is over, simply fold your accessory or roll it up around a tube. It will take up truly little space. For a folded storage we recommend using a hand-held steamer to eliminate the last wrinkles.

In terms of maintenance, there is nothing simpler since you can absolutely wash it in a cold wash cycle. Washing by hand with soap and water is also possible. Note that using textile as a floor is not recommended.


⭐ The Tex-Stretch, an easy-care backdrop

Combination of polyester and spandex, Tex-Stretch is an interesting material as a backdrop photo shoot. Indeed, it has the bonus of being glare free but also totally crease-proof and stretch, which makes it with no doubt an extremely useful accessory!

We recommend installing it on your backdrop mount, tensioning it using small clamps. Once the photo shoot is over, you will only have to store it on a hanger or fold it. We advise surface cleaning with a suitable product or in a cold wash cycle.

For even more quickness, do not hesitate to choose the Tex-Stretch Fix&Go compliant with the Easy-Fix frame or the Fix&Go stand. The fabric will then be delivered with a silicone band and a removal tab that will allow you to change backdrops even faster during the shoot.


⭐ The Mats, an extra realistic backdrop

If you are looking for a setting closest to reality, the Mats will meet your needs. Entirely made of PVC, this material is known for its very authentic look. One can only love its slightly textured side that gives a real style to the scene!
Very thick, the Mats has also the advantage of being non-slippery. Ultra-sturdy, not to say indestructible, it will certainly follow your photographic adventures for many years...

The Mats will be the perfect floor for your photo shoots. It may also be used as a backdrop, although rare and slight glosses can be observed. Washable with soap and water, this accessory is a must in photography.

In case you would like to use two identical visuals, we suggest ordering the backdrop and the floor together and in the same material. This will allow to keep the exact same colorimetry when printing.


⭐ The Rubber-Tex, the advantages of the non-creasing textile and the gloss-free vinyl

Made of tex-stretch and rubber, Rubber-Tex is appreciated for its gloss-free textile front, and its rubber back that ensures a perfect ground support during your sessions with children! It is also a perfect duo for combos, use it as a backdrop as well as a floor without being afraid of ugly reflections, with the rubber-tex there is none! We recommend surface washing with a sponge and water in case of small dirt. However if needed, you can wash it with a jet of water and let it dry flat. Store it rolled horizontally and do not fold it when storing, it may retain folding traces over time. Available in two sizes: 28x39 inches for newborn sessions, and 53x79 inches for children.


📐Size is not just a detail! 📐

To meet as close as possible our customers' requests, we offer different formats. Among these multiple possibilities, it is impossible not to find exactly what you need! Note that the visual will be stretched/enlarged according to the selected format. Here is how to choose best:

  • 53x53in: This size will perfectly fit both your birth shootings and packshot sessions. It will also be highly appreciated for high angle shots, using it as a floor.
  • 59x59in: Just as the 53x53in, this size will perfectly suit newborn and baby photo shoots, as well as high angle shots, using it as a floor.
  • 59x79in: Especially appreciated by our customers for its versatility, this size will suit from the newborn to the 5-year-old child. It can be adapted to a child aged 8 to 10 for sitting poses. This format is also used vertically for portraits.
  • 71x91in: Perfect for themed mini sessions, this size will welcome siblings as well as sitting families, using a same format independent floor. For pregnancy shootings, it will be used vertically, on a three-quarter shot.
  • 79x79in & 79x118in: Also suitable for themed mini shoots, such as Christmas type, with use of an independent floor of the same format. This size will also be suitable for full-length body shoots with a subtle return on the floor.
  • 98x98in & 98x118in: Perfect for children, siblings, families, and pregnancy photo shoots, using a separate floor of the same size. This size is also suitable for full-length body shoots with a subtle return on the floor, using the 98x118in vertically.
  • 98x157in: This size will be suitable for full-length body sessions, both for children, families, or pregnant women photo shoots.

💜💙💚💛🧡 See life in color 🧡💛💚💙💜

In all circumstances, we try our best to provide the most objective overview possible of our products. However, for reasons beyond our control, it may happen that color rendering slightly differs depending on the brightness and calibration of the screen you are using.

Also, subtle differences may exist between the color displayed on the site and the printed color. These slight nuances can be explained by some printing methods, such as CMYK and RGB profiles. Thank you in advance for your kind understanding!